Mizpah Ministries

Mizpah Ministries

In the United States of America, we have an extremely needy mission field right among us. Those who are involved in the Justice System are often overlooked, but are ripe for harvest. At times, churches look at the incarcerated kind of like Jonah looked at Nineveh, and despise to go or to send someone to reach them. But our Lord Jesus Christ died for all – including the incarcerated.

This is a fruitful mission field, and hundreds are saved annually under the ministry of Chaplain Paul Haulk. The Haulks are sent out under Cornerstone Baptist Church.

If you belong to another independent Baptist Church in the Southeast United States, the Haulks would love to come present their field and burden to your church. Please pray about supporting Mizpah Ministries on a monthly basis.

To contact Bro. Paul Haulk, or to receive his prayer letter, you may send a request to our church address, or email us.



Hello Friend,

Please allow me to introduce my wife and myself to you as missionaries to the estimated six million Americans who are in the judicial system daily; along with the police officers and correctional officers who keep them in their charge. We are Paul and Sheri Haulk. Our goal is to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ along with the godly principals taught in the King James Bible, and to teach them to apply them to their lives. We pray that this will reciprocate into many positive changes, such as:

  • Keep men and women from returning to prison,

  • Stop officers of the law from falling into divorce, drunkenness, and corruption;

  • Teach victims of drug, domestic, and sex abuse how to overcome their problems,

  • And most importantly, point the way to our Saviour and His grace so that He may receive all the glory.

Our sending church is Cornerstone Baptist Church of Spring Hill, Florida, and is pastored by Pastor Richard Rossiter. My wife and I were called into this field several years ago and have enjoyed great support from our Pastor and Church. Mizpah Ministries has reached hundreds of souls for the Lord reflected in the many decisions for salvation and lifestyle changes. My wife and I thank you for your consideration to allow us to present the field in your church.


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